MRT Physical Education Syllabus
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Wednesday, September 14, 2016
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Mary R. Tisko Elementary School

Physical Education

The Tisko Elementary School physical education program is based on the goal that physical activity and participation are important for all students, regardless of their level of athletic skill or ability. Using a variety of activities, students in our program will learn how to incorporate physical activity into their daily lives. In addition, we hope to instill enjoyment of physical activity, as well as an understanding of the importance of maintaining physical fitness.  This class will provide an opportunity for all students to learn and enjoy a variety of physical activities that have life-long value for each individual.

Class Expectations:

1. Wear appropriate clothes for class including sneakers.  No open toe shoes, sandals or boots as these are not safe for physical activity.

2.  Students will demonstrate an effort to perform required skills and apply them in related activities.

3.  Students will demonstrate sportsmanship and respect for others through team and individual play.

4.  Students will develop an appreciation for fitness and an understanding of the need for exercise to be a life long activity in order to live a healthy life.

Class Content (including but not limited to)

1.    Life-long fitness:  Pace Jogging, jump roping, hula hooping, jump sticking, medicine ball, pushups, planks, curl ups.

2.    Sport Skills:  Soccer, basketball, Frisbee, hockey, bowling (all included in cooperative games/activities).

3.    Life time sports:  Baggo, Frisbee

4.    Low competition activities:  Ball activities, cooperative games, parachute, tag games, relays, scooters, scarves.

Course objectives:

The student will be able to:


1.    Correctly perform skills for lifetime and team sports and other games included in the curriculum.


2.    Develop and maintain a healthy level of physical fitness.


3.    Demonstrate an understanding of the rules, strategies and safety precautions for sports and games included in the curriculum.


4.    Correctly perform fitness evaluation tests and exercises.


5.    Demonstrate the ability to work together as a team and display good sportsmanship.


Student Grading:


Students are assessed in the following areas:


Displays good sportsmanship and positive attitude

Participates appropriately in activities

Demonstrates consistent effort

Demonstrates the ability to cooperate with other and follow class safety rules



Mrs. Burris Bio

I have been teaching in the Branford Public School system for 27 years.  I have taught at Walsh Intermediate School (3 years), Branford High School (17 years) and Tisko (7 years).  I have taught a variety of areas in this time: Computer Keyboarding, Business and Marketing, Freshman Research and Study Skills, and Physical Education and Health.  I graduated From the University of Connecticut in 1986 with a BS in Sports Marketing and in 1989 with a MA in Educational Leadership and certification in Business, Health and Physical Education.  I live in Madison with my husband Jim and daughter Jennie (16) and my son James (18) who is a freshman at Bryant University.  In my free time I love to travel with my family, play golf and tennis.

Feel free to contact me at

Mrs. Poundstone Bio


I have been teaching in the Branford Public School system for 11 years.  I have taught at Walsh Intermediate school (6 years), and all 3 elementary schools Tisko, Murphy and Sliney (5 years). I graduated From Southern Connecticut State University in 2005 with a BS in Exercise Science and a minor in Health. I graduated from Mitchell College in 2008 with a Masters in Experiential Health and Healing.  I live in Branford where I grew up and attended Branford Schools. I have 2 children. My daughter Jordyn (2) and my son Callen (3 months). In my free time I love to be with my kids, workout, travel and watch football. 

Feel free to contact me at


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