On-line behavior, Cyberbullying Resources
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Friday, September 23, 2011
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Hi all,

I mentioned at the admin. meeting that the government also has this site that provides resources for speaking to children about on-line behavior, cyberbullying, and the like.  These materials, which are free, are aimed at elementary and "tweens" (middle school/young high school).

The website provides access to four main tools that schools can use:

Net Cetera:  Tools for Parents to Chat with Children About Being On-Line (pamphlet)  (Note this pamphlet can be ordered in bulk FOR FREE and mailed to your school)

Head's UP:  A booklet for kids about how to protect themselves on-line

Spread the Word:  A kit to help spread the word about on-line use within the community

PPT slides (to be used with Net Cetera pamphlet)


Here it is:



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